How Digital Identity Verification Works for the Construction Industry

With recent shifts in the global marketplace, such as increased demand and supply chain shortages, construction companies are looking to digital transformation to gain greater efficiencies across all of their operations.

This includes technology that enables digital identity verification, specifically digital credentials. We hear a lot about the importance of digital identity and the digital economy, but what does it really mean for your company and your employees?

Credivera is dedicated to addressing the complex challenges of data verification that construction businesses now face. This eBook provides an overview of the factors to consider when evaluating digital identity verification solutions for the sector.

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Verifiable credentials are the new standard for digital credentials, representing the same information as traditional physical credentials but with visibility, confidence, and control for your construction operations.

Key benefits of verifiable credentials:

  • Private, protecting workforce personal data
  • Tamper-resistant via cryptography
  • Independently verifiable anywhere, anytime
  • Verifiable using globally accepted standards

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