From Collaboration to Product Launch - Credivera and Microsoft Entra Verified ID

July 17, 2023

Since 2021, Credivera has worked in close collaboration with Microsoft on a new product called Entra Verified ID. As Microsoft was building the capabilities to tie Entra Verified ID into its security suite of products, Credivera was building the Credivera Exchange, the first product compatible with Entra Verified ID. Together, the engineering teams resolved many issues that current IT departments struggle with: determining if you are who you say you are, that you are employed by the company you say you are, and that you have the correct skills and experience to receive access to secure rooms, software or cloud systems.  

Verified ID fits into a new class of digital identity management solutions and is the future of identity and access management. It simplifies both authentication and authorization, it eliminates dormant accounts, passwords and fraudulent access.  

In July 2023, Microsoft announced Microsoft Entra ID as the new product name for what was previously known as Active Directory. This is more than a product rebrand, it sets the stage for how security and access controls can be managed using decentralized, verifiable credentials. As Microsoft defines the future behaviour of secure access with Verified IDs, Permission Management, Identity Governance and Workload Identities, the Credivera Exchange delivers a three-part product for:

  • issuing Verified IDs from employers and 3rd parties (such as certified trainers, post secondaries, licencing boards, back check companies, occupational health, etc),  
  • workforce management (employer and contractor authentication and authorization) and
  • management of Verified IDs (a wallet for individuals to store Verified IDs and present them to their employer for meeting specific job requirements).  

The Credivera Exchange makes possible for employers to consolidate both internal and external Verified IDs of their workers and bring them into their Microsoft Entra ID profiles.  

Credivera was the exclusively featured company during Microsoft’s announcement. With its fully integrated capabilities into Entra Verified ID, Credivera is perfectly positioned to help enterprises achieve out-of-the-box workforce security management. As the leading provider of Verified ID authentication, enterprises can work directly with Credivera to upgrade their security programs.

As Canada, the European Union, and the United States look at rolling out digital identities to their citizens, the pressing issue of verifying and authenticating people's identities has emerged, especially in granting access to the appropriate systems. Trust matters when it comes to identity. Accessibility and privacy are essential for people using digital services.  This is the advent of a new industry and a vision for identity in everyday life.

Why now?

In the enterprise world, unifying all identities and secure access products will make it easier for security teams to use these capabilities and protect various identities and access points.

Verified IDs use verifiable credentials and are based on open standards. Benefits include:

  • ensuring credentials are interoperable and reusable.  
  • providing self-service account recovery to replace support calls and security questions with an automated process to verify identities.  
  • quick onboarding of employees and contractors with digital validation of identity information to ensure trustworthy enrollment and faster onboarding.

Credivera empowers individuals throughout their life journey with innovative solutions that enable identity access management and seamless interactions with employers, educational institutions, certification bodies, and associations. Our goal is to enable all identities, foundational and professional, to help individuals reach their full potential. We empower everyone to manage their credentials from wherever they are, supporting individual privacy and industry compliance.  

For out-of-the-box security management implementations Credivera can help your organization migrate to Entra Verified ID in less than a week. Contact us today to get started!  

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