Harnessing the Power of Verifiable Credentials

The credibility and reliability of enterprise services hinge on the expertise and authenticity of its workforce as well as the support they provide to their clients. Continuous training, certification, and rigorous verification of professionals are essential components of working in today's digital world.

This white paper highlights a new opportunity for ensuring your workforce is authentic and qualified based on verifications of credentials directly from trusted sources, coupled with digital proofs of authentic employees.

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In this case study, an enterprise uses verifiable credentials to:

  • Establish Digital Trust and Integrity: Authentic and Qualified Employees
  • Passwordless: Optimize Authentication Challenges for the Enterprise  
  • Enable a Great User Experience Without Compromising Security
  • Onboard with Efficiency
  • Stay Ahead of Data Privacy Regulatory and Compliance Shifts
  • Manage Different Credential Formats and Standards
  • Protect Your Brand

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