Importance of Verifiable Credentials for Certifying Bodies

Credivera enables certifying bodies to digitally transform critical aspects of their certification program. This is accomplished with the help of verifiable credentials.

This case study discusses how one certifying body, an international organization, in the medical industry, is supported by Credivera during onboarding of new certificants, selection of approved training providers, issuance of certificates and engagement with employers. A number of very complex processes are examined, discussed, resolved and documented in this paper.

What are verifiable credentials?

Verifiable credentials are tamper-evident documents that can be trusted, automated and transmitted online. A large number of systems, such as Credivera, support these documents as they are gaining fast adoption in employment verification, identity verification and supply chain.

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In this case study, a medical institute uses verifiable credentials to:

  • Automate the Verification of Certificants
  • Connect CME Approved Education Providers
  • Standardize the Process Across the Organization
  • Reduce Time and Resources for Audits
  • Ensure Compliance and Streamline Submissions

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