Seamless Access, Verification and Validation of Personal Liability Protection Insurance

September 20, 2023

Elevating Benefits with Digital Credentials for Verified Personal Liability Protection (PLP) Insurance

Professional organizations are dedicated to improving the lives of their members and employees by providing exceptional benefits. Among these benefits are competitive PLP insurance premiums from reputable insurance companies. To further enhance the member experience, organizations have introduced a digital credential system powered by Credivera that not only grants access to PLP insurance information but also validates the individual's good standing within the organization.


To create a portable, comprehensive and secure system that simplifies access and provides special rates on PLP insurance for members. The solution facilitates real-time verification, and allows insurance companies to confirm the individual's active membership status through a digital wallet.


Professional organizations partnered with Credivera introduced a portable, private and comprehensive digital credential solution. Beyond granting participating insurance brokers with swift access to membership or employment status, and holding vital PLP insurance details, this solution serves as tangible proof of an individual's professional skill credentials, occupational health and background checks. These certificates and documents are verified at source providing an unparalleled level of security and proof. Strengthening security, ensuring credibility, and allowing for dependable verification, these digital credentials support the individual in their career growth.

How It Works

1. Wallet Enrollment  
  • Professional organization members are invited to sign up for a digital wallet.
2. Digital Credential Issuance  
  • Individuals can access their secure digital wallet from their mobile device.
  • All digital credentials are securely stored in the digital wallet, to ensure tamper-proof security.  
  • Once membership validation is confirmed, the insurance company provides a special rate and generates a digital credential for the individual.  
  • Within the wallet, individuals can access their dedicated PLP insurance certificate as a digital credential.
  • The digital credential contains the member's PLP insurance proof, coverage duration (usually one year), and a unique identification code.  
3. Verification and Membership/Employment Confirmation
  • The individual can present insurance proof to their employer or professional organization.  
  • The individual can present membership, employment status and education to the insurance company to access special rates, maintain or renew their certificate.  
  • Validation of the digital credential's authenticity and membership/employment standing is immediately accomplished at source through the Credivera Exchange.

Benefits to Individuals

Streamlined Access: Individuals can access their PLP insurance credentials through the digital wallet, eliminating the need for physical documents.

Insurance Special Rates: Individuals can manage and share their membership and employment digital credentials with insurance companies to obtain discounts, maintain and renew their certificates.

Confidence in Sharing/Revoking: Individuals can confidently share their digital credentials, knowing that their insurance coverage, membership and employment status are up to date. Importantly they can revoke access to this information when a contract is completed and the employer no longer needs access to this information.

Benefits to Professional Organizations

Strengthened Member Benefits: Offering digital credentials showcases the organization's commitment to member career growth and benefits such as special rates on other services, including insurance premiums.

Reduced Administrative Effort: The digital credential system streamlines insurance validation processes, saving time and resources for the organization.

Technological Progress: By adopting verifiable credential technology, organizations demonstrate their adaptability and dedication to improving the member experience and provide a member with a privacy compliant toolkit.

Benefits to Employers

Fit to Work: Employers know from day one that their staff is qualified, insured and ready to perform the work. They demonstrate their commitment to public safety and customers.

Faster Onboarding: Instantly verify training, accreditation, insurance and competence of applicants. Having real-time confirmation of your workforce enables easy project & site compliance.

Compliance: Employers can report to auditors and regulators using tamper-proof, and time-stamped records of their workforce's education, membership and insurance compliance.

Benefits to Insurance Companies

Win-Win: Providing services to an exclusive audience which the insurance company may not otherwise have access to.

Special Rates: Having the ability to sell group policies, enables special rates for a larger number of individuals.

Reduced Administrative Effort: The digital credential system streamlines membership validation processes, saving time and resources for the insurance company.

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